The Cannabis Show Episode 097

For the first time in Cannabis Show history, Hart and Basil represent recreational cannabis products during their battle of Strain Vs. Strain! Also on episode 97, …


  1. Hart wins Strain vs Strain this time hands down! The singing may have pushed him over the top, but it also sounds like a great strain. Packaging is a touchy issue – I'm frustrated by overpackaging as well, but when packaging is chintzy it can lead to safety issues (one LP sent me a leaking bottle of oil in an unsealed package and it was upsetting. A lot of product was lost and it might have even been tampered with šŸ˜„). But as long as customer safety remains a priority, I'd love to see a major reduction in waste. Great episode! šŸ‘

  2. A lot of HART went into that song! Hart for the win but Basil and the Serratus Punch! I need to try that as well. Thanks Evan, I went and opened my letter thats been sitting in a pile of bills : ) I left the bills.HaHa

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