The Bobby Burns Idenity Crisis Explained (NFKRZ Interview)

NFKRZ just did an interview with Bobby Burns where they discuss Shane Dawson, the car crash, his breakup with his girlfriend, music and more. While I wasn’t a …


  1. I almost broke up with my boyfriend because of weed. A lot of people think I'm anti-weed because of that but that's not true at all. I think weed is great and has a lot of medicinal purposes. I think that weed should be legalized for recreational use. But I look at weed the same way I look at alcohol. Some people can do it recreationally and some people can't. I come from a long line of addicts on both sides of my family. So I know addiction too well. My boyfriend was smoking TONS of weed everyday. It made him distant. We would be sitting next to each other and it would feel like he wasn't there. My boyfriends problem was he had a roommate that gave him an unlimited supply of weed for free. He did stop smoking weed while the roommate was still living with him. But things got a lot better once that roommate was gone.

    Also, I really like your tone of voice in this video. In some of your old videos you can be really loud and hyper and sound too much like a "youtuber" but in your more resent videos you seem more relaxed and I really like it.

  2. I don't know what other countries do but in England and Wales its illegal to drive under the influence of drugs (even legal prescription drugs) because it's so dangerous and you could kill someone. If you're convicted you could get a minimum 1 year driving ban
    , an unlimited fine, up to 6 months in prison and a criminal record

  3. Lol I love your videos but you calling the interview bad and offpoint is proof that there is a genuine misunderstanding of new media by those who are trying to be part of it. As someone who has followed this saga and community for years now, everything that needed to be addressed was. Everything else was personal and had no place in the interview so why fault it for that. Anyway, I made this comment to tell you that and to tell people to actually watch the entire interview instead of taking your words at face value:) peace and love!

  4. JUST DO YOU BABY! This has been my life motto since about 22, when I realized not everyone's morals and life views weren't gonna line up with mine, and that's. O. K! As long as you're not hurting anyone (including yourself, u less you're into that..?) Then rock on with your bad self. Maybe just don't invite me to some things lol

  5. I think that for sure some people jump straight at the throats of anyone speaking on the risks of cannabis as a generic "anti- cannabis weed is the devil" person, you know? Theres been this weird push to view cannabis is heavily benign when in reality every mind altering substance comes with risks (occupational, public, or otherwise) and must be used responsibly. I mean for christs sake no one will deny that you shouldn't get in your car and drive if you were drowsy on some nyquil, this isn't a question of whether cannabis has beneficial effects, its about common sense and responsibility.

  6. Never driven a car period, because I smoke weed, 😉 that solves a lot if you live in the city, you can just take the bus, or a cab if your in the mood to spend some extra money traveling. As weird as that sounds, I don't really have a need for a car, I much rather smoke a bowl, then go off it and risk a panic attack, that's even more stupid to say, because driving with psych pills in your system, can do the same thing if you take your pill at the wrong time. On top of it, it doesn't help everyone either. So know your drugs, before you just assume that pot makes everyone crash. I've driven in the car with a few responsible drivers on pot and they drove better then some of the people that were sober. It just depends on the situation. In bobby's case, that's on him, not on the people that don't act stupid after smoking a joint. If this is what it makes you do, then quit smoking it. I have a roommate that doesn't need to be on it either, because it makes him hallucinate more, so I don't let him smoke it. Problem solved. It seems hypocritical, but don't take it out on the people that actually have a medical need for it. It's not their fault.

  7. I'm 22, and two years ago I realised that I'm trans, I'm not out of the closet to anyone in my family yet. Looking back, when I was 13-15 I had dreams of being this hot girl with boobs and a boyfriend and in university, but yeah, I realised that I don't want to be a girl, I want to be a guy, I'm single and not in uni.

  8. As a nurse I fully support marijuana for medicinal purposes! It is a great substance for some. However, it also has a down side. For addicts it keeps the 'addict' part of your brain active, therefore it is a gateway drug. It may take years but just like tobacco it CAN lead to relapse. Not saying it absolutely will, but it can. It also does change your brain chemistry, ie alter your brain, and reaction time, therefore driving under the influence of marijuana is dangerous. So yes "you do you" and if smoking or ingesting marijuana is what you do, fine. Just please be responsible and if you are in recovery be very careful.

  9. Amen! I pro marijuana as well. I don't partake either though because I don't care what "strain" it is. My brothers do, I have tried all different kinds and they all basically glue me to a couch. I know it is different for everyone but I for damn sure cannot drive doing that. I think people think that to be pro weed they have to ignore the logic like, yeah it absolutely can be addictive, and no you shouldn't drive under the influence. Like you said, use your brain!

  10. Genuinely would be interested if you looked into John Kuckian and all the issues surrounding him… Although that is someone that manually farms his channel (removing likes/dislikes) and constantly doing comments so you'd need to look on Twitter or Reddit for more information.

  11. Weed can DEFINITELY affect your driving. You see a cat out the window sober you’re like oh there’s a cat. But driving high your gonna be SO transfixed on that fluff of cat it’s ridiculous

  12. I'm not very pro-weed mostly because I've seen people use it and alcohol to ruin their lives. Sit home all day high, lose their jobs, ruin friendships etc. Then they couldn't feel good anymore just having weed and turned to stronger drugs. I had this discussion once with a friend who is pro-weed and uses it for anxiety. I think it's great that it helps him medically as long as he isn't abusing it and we both agreed weed can be a mental addiction. Their looking for that feeling. Their body doesn't necessarily need it like a stronger drug works but they feel like that state of mind is all they need.

  13. A normal accident is when someone else hits you and you aren’t under any influence. I support weed and legally take it medically. But i literally don’t smoke (or use in anyway) all day. I only smoke at night when I’m home and my responsibilities are taken care of including my child. I could never risk her safety like that. I have anxiety but i can’t depend on anything to function daily. Why should weed be better then Xanax if you use and abuse it it’s the same thing. Obviously one effects you differently but anything can be something you’re addicted to. As a recovering addict i get that and know that i can substitute anything for a drug and it can negatively effect me. Even harmless things like painting or shopping

  14. I smoke weed every day and have been for like, 15 years. I also use it as medicine for my MS. I STILL sometimes bump into shit while WALKING. I don’t drive, so I wouldn’t do that anyway, but for example, my bf can totally drive high. But that doesn’t mean EVERYONE can. But another food for thought— let’s stop calling it “marijuana”. That was a made up name by the government to incriminate minorities and spread lies to society that people from Latin American countries were the only ones using and selling this “horrible drug”. It’s inherently (and obviously unintentionally) racist to continue using it.

  15. Oh man, I just found your stuff not long ago and I didn't know you were in Nevada too. Eyyy

    Also yeah, it's been like proven that weed affects ur driving lol. It affects depth perception and reaction times. Like it chills you out, which great, but anything that chills you out will affect driving lol

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