1. Look I get that feminism is bad and I don't trust women either, but dud you got to change topics. You are like majorly obsessed with the woman hater thing. It looks kinda bad TBH. I mean, I'm still a sub, but you know….

  2. Fat chicks are like sumo wrestlers, except they don't have anyone to keep them clean. Rancid sweat, old shit, and a gallon of perfume. What's not to love, just so long as you have no sense of smell, don't mind filth, and don't care if a certain body part rots off. That's why sexy Jabba the Hut costumes sell so much more than Princes Leia slave costumes.

  3. Women: Men will never know the burden of supporting a child for 9 months with their body.
    Men: Bitch please! We support the both of for those 9 months, and another 18 years on top of that with our bodies.

  4. That fucking idea of married men making more money drives me nuts. In addition to the fact that married men HAVE to work more, thereby earn more, they need to compare the DISCRETIONARY INCOME between single and married men. Single guys make way more if you use that data.

  5. You should sell hand puppets of yourself. In case you get doxxed and they place you into the zoo, others can continue to make mgtow content as Turd Flinging Monkey even if you are behind bars for being too controversial for the feminists.

  6. TFM at 1:56:24: God,she has a butt crack on her belly button……………… LOL!!!!!!!

    and again TFM at 1:56:33 We see the wrap around Michelin Man back boobs…. Bwahahahahahahhaahahaha. Laughed my guts out whilst listening to this on the train and people around me were looking at me 🙂

  7. What a pompous, closed minded simian you are.

    43:16: "Undeniable proof there is no God… because of observable reality…"

    Like what? There is nothing you can point to that proves there isn't a God just like there is nothing another person can point to that proves there is a God. Belief in a deity is just that; a belief system. Just because you don't believe, doesn't mean it's not true. You have proof of nothing except what's going on in your own, small mind.

  8. 2:12:30 My dick looks big compared to most porn dicks, and chicks have told me my dick is really big, but I don't feel like it's an unreasonable size. I wish sex toys were made for dicks like mine, I really wanna buy something but I'm worried I'd drop $100 on something and find that my dick is far too big. :{

    Edit: Could you imagine returning a sex toy because your dick is too big? Jesus.

  9. greece and italy have growth issues, they severely lack the ability for people to do well in life and have children, so they don't. Italy because of the EU and greece because of debt. Not much welfare in those countries either.

  10. Next time the US is embroiled in a World War, we'll let women win that one instead of relying on men. At that point, we'll give them the equal rights they will have earned…

  11. Im happy the puppet is back. I can’t explain it, but I find it much more entertaining. Maybe I’m like a kid, but it is awsome and a better brand with the talking monkey, not just a picture.

  12. Abandon “equality”? I’ve never seen a WOMAN collecting the trash. How about we put them through some REAL EQUALITY before we go abandoning the idea. When women have to get dirty, they’ll abandon equality. Don’t you worry!

  13. TFM Thank you for saving my life! I had it backwards, I thought it was:

    Female Love: Opportunistic
    Male Love: Contract/Transaction

    When in actuality it is:

    Female Love: Opportunistic/Transaction
    Male Love: Contract/Hunter

    I do not want to get this data wrong so anyone leave a comment to either correct me or set me straight. I already got the 16 deadly sins down.

  14. I've seen black vaginas in pornography before, as I'm sure many people have. Honestly, it looks kind of odd. The pink is such a stark contrast from the rest of their skin color that it just ends up looking out of place, at least to me. I'm a virgin, so perhaps I don't have much of a leg to stand on, but it just seems really weird to me.

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