Some truths in Plain Sight | End Time Events (2018)

Exposing the transgender Agenda in our modern world Prepare yourselves physically, mentally and spiritually. May God help us through these turbulent times.


  1. I am so glad transgenders exist to bother Christians. Choke on it. Every day you’re more and more irrelevant. I’m going to switch genders, have an abortion, then switch back.

  2. Justin is not a girl. Never was. But he's super easy to make fun of. The theme color of the magazines is pink because they are teen girl magazines. He was used for years – but is married now and though he is attending what I feel to be an ungodly church, he professes the son of God and has quit this industry. I pray he finds Torah and comes under God's complete authority.

  3. The industry worships Baphomet, the goat with two organs. They just erected the statue at the Arkansas Capital. There is also a STD problem going on, because there are partners not informing their spouses, they are into transgenders. Check the brow line, the navel is higher on transgender men. The hands are larger and the feet are huge. The kneecaps are banged up. The back is flat, no hips. Look like gorgeous women but are really not! They do a cross leg gender pose when they are being photographed. To make themselves appear to have hips.
    They worship the Goat Lucy. They have hand gestures, pointing two fingers, and finger pointed with to fingers bent in the middle. They cover their one eye, and make the pyramid sign, saluting the goat. They also participate in rituals, daily. They fool the dumb masses. Men on dragmen, women on women. Research, because we are being greatly decieved. Athletes, actors, singers, etc. The world is in the hands of the wicked!! They are everywhere, some marry to fool the masses wearing moonbumps to look pregnant. Stop being decieved by them wearing deadman makeup, this is how Satan works. Check Mad Bitter Truth channel, where they are exposed!!!
    The Creator does not make mistakes. Please pray for guidance and REPENT. He is the Eliohim of Host the true Creator, know he is the only one that can stop these decievers.
    All Praises To The Most High!

  4. Oh please, give it a rest. James you see things that aren't there, you are just looking for things so you can make videos to attract gullible people to your way of thinking, you're worse than RFB at times.

  5. Sickening for real. I'm 💯% straight a couple weeks ago this gay guy inboxed me on Facebook messenger with the "$$$" sign. I knew what it was after I checked who he was although I was in denial and fooling myself into thinking he wanted to do business, (I'm a graphic designer and an artist so people see my work a lot). Dude basically tried to prostitute me I was so f*cking sick yo, then after that like 7 more homosexual men sent me friend request and even a transgender inboxed me, the tranny inboxed me before him I responded because of course I didn't realize he was trans. After I made a post about the gay dude that was in my inbox the tranny confessed that "I'm a trans woman." Bro no the hell you're not you're mentally I'll and you need to pray

  6. Tosh's hips looking pretty wide there, no adam's apple. The wrestler is a girl on testosterone, not the other way around. They do this to trick you into thinking that's what trans looks like.

  7. Wow! Tosh is 100% on board with the tranny agenda. First, he mimes the vagina with his hands and second what the hell was he wearing?!? Looked like a maternity blouse to me.

  8. Thanks for the great video!! You're trully blessed by the Most High for bringing this knowledge out.

    Judgement surely must be near…I fear for the people living in the world's super power countries (USA, UK, EU states, Arab States, Russia, China etc) or the Gentile nations coz without doubt they are the present day Babylon, these are the nations which are at the forefront in leading us into a NWO. When the Son of Man returns its gonna be so horrible and absolutely unbearable to be living in these countries coz the final end times plagues will result in the devastation of these nations, only then will the Son of Man appear. If you are living in these nations and are a true believer and love The Most High with all your heart it will be so important to pray everyday and repent of your sins and ask The Most High's protection…As scary as it will surely be in the future we must all realise that judgement has come upon us not only because of our sins but because of the sins of our forefathers as well. The Gentile nations have become superpowers at the expense of other nations of people, these evils that they have been apart of for many decades and centuries have made them extensively wealthy and made other nations extremely poor. This has not gone unnoticed but our Lord but He has allowed these things to happen to us and He has allowed the Gentiles to make the leaps and bounds in implementing the NWO. The Most High has allowed His people, the true biblical Israelites to go into slavery/bondage which they currently still are in and he has allowed the Gentiles to run the show until the fullness of their sins is reached before He steps in.

    The Lord is not slow in coming but He has given us time to finally wake up to his these BIBLICAL TRUTHS: Earth is flat, The New World Order is real, Hollywood is run by Satan, all our Idols are deceivers, we are not EDUCATED but rather INDOCTRINATED, almost everyone holding a position of great power or political influence is compromised, God's spirit is not in the modern day Christian Church, almost everything we've been taught is a lie. This should lead us to trust EXCLUSIVELY in God and His Word (the holy scriptures)

  9. Omgso I was just watching Brittney Spears do a performance on stage if she shaped like a man no hips all her girl dancers had more hits than she did she have the body of a man it took me awhile to know that but I can see it my eyes are open

  10. I still can’t 100% say I believe Justin is a female. But I cannot deny he has some feminine qualities. After seeing those other transformations though, I’m a little horrified… I really don’t wanna be walking around wondering if some woman I find attractive is actually a man… 😖

  11. Ps I love your videos but find it disappointing when you try and make connections that aren’t there just makes you look ignorant no offense. Was watching your shin lim video and I totally agree that demons are involved but when you got to the 9/11 bit we both looked at each other and felt you’re just reaching at that point

  12. Transgender is as common as tattoos were 40 years ago. You would come in contact with someone who had them a couple times a day. Now you question whether or not a person is, when you see on the streets . We have been infiltrated by a evil spirit that is devouring our young people. I often wonder how they were confused. Then I watch TV and it's clear where the Influence came from.

  13. I have done tranny studies. I would recommend spending time on both separately to get a feel of the deceptions of both MTFs and FTMs. For the MTFs remember hips and straight backs. FTMs subcutaneous fat and baby bearing hips.

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