1. Swear to god, why are there no comments that Dan Avidan and Arin Hanson are voice actors in here? There's nothing in the credits and I'm freaking out right now thinking my mind is messing with me until 17:03

    Edit: why the hell do they sound so fucking similar to impressions the game grumps have done on show? Idk who the people actually voice acting are but wtf

  2. I hadn't even heard of Sword Art online when the last episode of this parody went live. I discovered it at MCM Scotland Comic Con when they previewed the first episode of season 3 ahead of its general release a couple months or so ago. Since then I worked through season 1, 2, the Cardinal Scale movie and I'm currently watching season 3 on Cruncyroll as its coming out.

    I say this because it means I've been lucky enough to watch the first 13 episodes of this amazing parody without any real waiting time. And now I am desperate for episode 14! Hope its not a long wait! D:

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