Question Period: StatsCan data privacy, HST on carbon tax – November 7, 2018

Follow along as opposition parties question the Trudeau government in the House of Commons. Today in question period the government faced debate on …


  1. WTF the liberal greed never stops. And for the record Andrew Scheer people 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  2. Let's be honest if the conservatives get into power they will answer like this too, and vice verse. We will always complain 😀

    This is good stuff, though. Atleast questions are being thrown and we get to watch

  3. Justin Trudeau handing Canadian sovereignty over to UN…….




  4. Conservatives are the funniest. What a bunch if hypocrisy. Anti terrorism act, bill c-13 and bill c-377 were all major attacks on privacy and costly conservative programs.
    To "Canadians"… I guess unions aren't made up of 4+Million Canadians.

    Bill c-377 was recently repealed.
    Conservatives voted against the transparency for them, that they demand of labour.

    Conservatives don't care about privacy or taxes. They care about conservative privacy and liberal taxes.

  5. I don't need the government in my personal business if they want that information ask me first
    The only air pollution in Canada is when the liberals spin their demands in parliament.just once the people would like honesty and answers theyavoid answering because if the people had a say they would be unemployed

  6. The only way to cut carbon emissions. Is to tax companys who are responsible for 70% of the pollution in the world. Not poor citizens. And maybe we should have some renewable energy sources available. If you want true change. And nobody in Canada with a good mind would want there personal information stolen. Trudeau wants a Chinese credit score.

  7. When Trudeau says the conservatives have no plan for climate change, Scheer should repeat the phrase the liberals most of repeated when they were in opposition "IT,S OUR JOB TO OPPOSE NO PROPOSE". We have a comprehensive plan that we will release in the 2019 election campaign and the People will decide on it.

  8. How can you trust a crime minister that has:
    1. Gone before the ethics committe 3xs for contravention of laws.
    2. Lied about who it was that cleared murderer, Arwal Jaspal, then invited him to a dinner attended by Trugroper, Modi, and other dignitaries.
    3. Lied about the renovations and costs to his personal lakefront house.
    3. Lied about legalizing marijuana when in fact he monopolized it which is very different from legalizing it.
    4. Lied about election reform and changing the first past the goal post rule.
    5. Has deceived us by claiming to vet terrorists when in fact is inviting them in AN funding numerous organizations.
    6. Lied about building the interconnecting Trans Mountain Pipeline when in fact he bought it to stop it from ever being completed.
    7. Lied about giving our veterans more money.
    8. Lied about the "mile high" party by claiming it cost taxpayers 15k then when it was leaked that it cost us 336,000 spin doctors were hired to fabricate more lies which were also uncovered.

    So tell me…after this short list in which I only mentioned a handful of things, why the hell would anyone believe a single word that comes out of this schlep's mouth?

    Canadians hate him and so do all the world leader. He's thought of as a joke.

  9. Enough of this prime minister spewing nonsense, we don't care about past events, we care about this gross misuse of power to breach Canadian tax payer privacy, vote them out in 2019!!

  10. 🇨🇦TRUDEAUMANIA 2019!!🇨🇦 Best PM Ever!! He will elevate our country to the highest of levels!! Jagmeet Singh and Andrew Sheer don’t stand a chance. Get ready for another liberal majority!

  11. I want the privacy of my financial data protected from hackers, thieves, corporations and ALL GOVERNMENTS. If they want it they should have to apply for a warrant. Privacy commission isn't doing its job.

  12. God, Trudeau does not get it. Cannot answer a question. I will be voting for sure to try and get this guy out of office. What should be out of order is that Trudeau will not answer the question. It is obvious since he won’t answer the question, there will be a tax on the carbon tax.

  13. Well, PM if it comes down to it, the whole concept of "human rights " is an ideology.
    This is how the cracks begin.
    And it's the welfare class, not the middle class, that the TruLibs is growing.
    Also, if Trudeau is so concerned about the environment, why is he so frantic to add over a million additional people per annum? Think of all the additional tax rev…er carbon footprints that would add.

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