1. Luke here a couple unasked for 😀suggestions. Put the tomato plant in the middle of the lights so that there's light coming from both sides if you can do that. It kind of simulates the sun rising in the east and setting in the West but most importantly when you're only getting light from above the sides and the insides don't get a lot of light. The second thing you might want to do for the tomato plant is put the pot in a saucer that you can easily spin and every day or so give it a quarter turn. This is just so that all the leaves in the plant have access to light.
    I have about six thousand watts of light in my grow room. I have had good luck growing mid-sized tomatoes not cherry tomatoes but not regular size tomatoes. Megabush from park seeds is one I have used.
    Of course keep the grow room warm and you'll have better luck.
    And my last bit of unasked-for advice 😀 is to make sure you have a fan cycling on and off. I use a pedestal fan that rotates and I have a timer that I got from Menards that allows you to turn on and off in 15 minute increments (it is a power strip / timer less than $20). Tomatoes and other plants need the wind to strengthen up their stems and they also help to keep fungus and other issues under control.
    And the last thing is advice that I got from you to add sand to the top of the plant soil, that is mucho importante.

  2. The problem with having only 1 timer what if you wanted to use the smaller ones for something else and need to flip fruiting to 12/12 and keep some vegging over to 18/6?

  3. I am so excited. I’m trying to grow tomatoes indoors as well so I’m looking forward to seeing how you hand pollinate. Also would you consider growing spinach and Kayle indoors? I feel like that’s part of the letters family right? PS I’m so glad you connected us to keep his sight is awesome I’m going to be buying stuff myself

  4. I confess I was a little shocked by the title, until I realized who posted it.. That is actually super cool. If I were you I would be buying some potted citrus, maybe a potted litchi tree, and overwintering them there! And if you really wanted to grow crazy you can buy mangosteens, and other tropicals on Ebay.

  5. Lumens are for humans, it's a measurement of how the human eye precieves light but plants dont see light like we do, if you really wanna know how much light you have for growing youd want to use PAR (photosythetically available radiation) which you would need a proper meter for.

  6. I set up a tent with led grow bulbs. It is so bright it hurts my eyes. I don't even have to look for long. So I usually turn them off before I open it to look inside. I found that even my sunglasses didn't do a great job so I need to find protective eyewhere that allows me to tolerate it because like you, I'd love to expand to my whole basement.

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