1. I do nothing for my MS. Chronic pain. Guess what, I take nothing. Optic neuritis take nothing… I'm starting my own treatment no thanks to doctors. An ancient forgotten treatment…leech therapy. Look it up

  2. My wife died from complications of ms
    She caught pneumonia because of her weakened immune system and passed away in less than a week.
    I don’t agree with many things Mr. Williams says but he has my respect for having served his country in the Navy and for fighting this awful disease

  3. Montel is bang on with the opiate addiction, i was taking them for a bad injury but because it limited me physically i got depressed and by the end i was addicted to the opiates not for the pain just because they made me feel better mentally

  4. Chronic pain definitely causes depression. What happens in the brain of someone with ms definitely causes depression. Thank God he still has the ability to walk but depression is just as serious of an issue when coping with ms. I applaud you for talking about this.

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