1. Good God you guys state Trump's federal. So if they don't like it. Don't allow federal operations AT all in your state unless THEY bend to work for YOUR ways. Duh. We own them. Think about it. Kick them dumb cock suckers out

  2. Eh, college campuses all seem to have it illegal to drink on campus or have alcohol in any form allowed on campus. As long as you avoid the snarky hall managers, it is more uncommon to enter a campus room that is “dry” 4 bottles of vodka kept in the closet was pretty much a given. (Well, back in my college days 🥂)

  3. Michigan my home state! Legalized ! Woohoo! I don’t even smoke any more though 🙂
    Universities are private companies so they can decide whether or not to allow cannabis

  4. I'll give you $300 in Bitcoin if you drink a glass of Urine in a 1v1 skype show. I'd be willing to negotiate the price if you feel that's too low. This is strictly for personal reasons and I will not record/share it.

    If you're comfortable, I would pay up to $800 for extra services and "live shows." But I understand if you're not comfortable with this.

    Please PM me soon, I would like for this to happen ASAP, thank you!

  5. Taking Methylone whilst withdrawing was a bad idea mike I’m really glad it didn’t go extremely wrong giving you a bad psychotic episode or a extreme panic attack <3 stay safe

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