1. Pot makes you stupid. Also, it's for dirty hippies. Anyway, Rebecca, let me take you on a romantical date to Golden Corral. If you prefer we could always hit up Applebees, Chili's, or Outback. I like to keep it classy. I'll even let you borrow my hair brush since it appears you don't own one.

  2. Thank you for catching this bit of misinformation. It really is ridiculous how many people repeat stupid things until it's nearly impossible to find someone not already convinced they were true. Pot causes cancer, causes brain damage, overdoses kill, leads to hard drug addiction and violence or sexual crimes. All pure fiction and yet commonly held as fact by most people.

  3. As always, this video is great, informative, interesting, engaging and shareworthy. A big fan. However, autofocus aaaaa I feel like I lost my glasses aaaa But please disregard, good content, that's what matters, really.

  4. So first, a doctor (who, accordingly, really should know better) gets a unit of measurement wrong by three orders of magnitude, and then posts a text about it in a public forum that most of the world can access, and then that doctor leaves that message up for an entire week? No, you're right. The problem here is that the people in society who really should bear the mantle of responsibility aren't.

  5. Of course they will, food poison is still a thing. Though more precisely it will be leaving it at the back of the fridge for months and eating it without checking out, but certainly it will happen. (or some dirty street stand.

  6. Yeah, it's all well and good that she deleted the tweet, but did she actually make a statement denouncing it? As you said, it has been retweeted 11,000-something times. People are not going to check if the tweet is still up or if it's really true, for that matter.

  7. The first time I ever took edibles a friend of mine had given me a dozen cookies and zero guidance. It was a Friday night, I ate one and after awhile when it hadn't kicked in I ate another one. And then another one and before I knew it I had eaten all of the cookies. The next thing I remember is sitting in my lazy boy watching Homicide Life on the Street and looking at my phone to see that it was Sunday night. Edibles are serious shit but I don't think they can kill you.

  8. While my sister was making a delicious pile of brownies, she accidentally dropped one. As per usual, her dog gobbled it up. Oops. She survived of course but she was stuck on my sister's leg like glue.
    Best brownies ever btw. So glad cannabis is harmless.

  9. The anti narcotics fanatics will not understand all this deductive reasoning! I mean, the fact that a 80g chocolate bar simply CANNOT contain 320g of THC will confound the war on drugs authoritarians.

  10. Hah! Too much edibles will mess with your head for sure but aint going to kill anyone. probably a good reason to promote education on the topic either way, both for the doctor clearly, and anyone trying them.

    Once I accidentally consumed 6g of pot baked into brownies, & another gram or two of magic mushroom in muffins before going to the re release of Star Wars, made it hard to watch the movie but I lived. Might have been a good idea to puke it up when i realized what i'd done, but i did not. Just ended up digging my fingers into the upholstery of the cinema's seat a bit.

    Spent the rest of the night curled in the corner of a friends living room asking people not to move around. They were very entertained I'm told.

    #NotArecommendation #misspent20s

  11. Once had a miscommunication with a German guy I didn't know very well and he ended up quickly eating a large portion of a VERY potent brownie. Yeah, he forgot how to speak English. We fed him KFC and put him to bed on our living room floor. It was an interesting evening…

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