How to Un-Doo Black Magic, Psychic Attack, Manipulation, & Narcissists

I felt the entire collective could benefit from the gems i dropped in this tangent…I hope it offers insights to empower your life..especially if you’re a #cancer #virgo …


  1. OMG that resonate it's scary i am a leo/Virgo cusp libra rising Sagittarius MOON and dealing whit a Capi (narcissis??) .Saw all the readings WOW i can understand why i fell so exhausted just did the paper candle … dealing whit dark energie i am the light got the leo in me 😉 Thanks you open my eyes in that confusion . I am grateful for your work .NAT

  2. Not sure if I met Karmic or twin…I think it's another karmic. Seems to be a theme. I let him go. No use keeping these things around to experience grief. We can make our own grief. When the signs are there, readem and get to steppin!

  3. I'm a writer as well and I am a Taurus Sun Moon and Rising full blooded Taurus I write on a regular love poetry as well as spiritual so I guess that's something that we do we put that pin on that paper peace

  4. I don’t think Archangel Michael likes me. I just can’t seem to connect with him. When I do call on him, he just ignores me. Seriously, that’s the feeling I get from him. Any advice on that?

  5. Lol…Ive felt uncomfortable with the title twin flame since I heard it for the first time 6months ago. Soul- mate I know of but the twin flame title I only heard of 6 months ago and was confused. Had to google it and found people are very label happy last 10 years. When is it just two seperate souls meeting and liking each other? You know? Arent there just 2 people that meet and like eac bother anymore? Whatever…😁.

  6. Very accurate and thank you for sharing this message of truth with the public. This is extremely educational and accurate. Are you a teacher or life coach? I dont mean to pry but I am curious only because your highly educated on the topics you discuss.

  7. Right and I'll protect you! I'm Mexican., we know all about Brujeria and Santeria. My boyfriend is from Nigeria. He had voodoo placed on him. I had to remove it. It's good to learn! This is the information age people. Learn it! First thing I do when I read someone's cards is remove their blocks. It's crazy but you got to! I love your videos!

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