How to Adjust a GameCube Laser for Backup Discs | GameCube POT Tweak Tutorial

Whether you have a hardmodded GameCube or are using a software based method to boot up backup games from mini DVD-R discs, you might have run into …


  1. Lol you uploaded this at exactly the right time! I just found my xeno chip (I had poor soldering skills when I got it and dare not try) and got a cheap cube at a carboot! I just installed it and got the same clicking sounds so was looking for a good guide! Thanks!

  2. commenting here because i cant comment on the mod chat the boginstaller uses a horizon os fuction to install eshop titles you only need the title id. If you own the game you can install and run it but if you dont it will open up a prompt to saying something like "another account owns this title please go online to check" something like that. As of now it is not apparent that you can get banned installing games you dont own i have tried a few and not been banned yet.

  3. Nice video. I fitted a brand new laser unit on one of my Game Cubes and i had to tweak the pot in order for it to read backups, but for the life of me, i cannot remember if i had my multi meter out or if i just adjusted the pot till i the laser was able to read the discs. Oh well i guess it doesnt really matter as i dont use the Game Cube any more since i soft modded a few Wii's and now play my Game Cube collection from an external hard drive.

  4. Looking forward to do this 💪💪 I have a off topic question though. Is it possible if you can make a tutorial on how to play Sega Saturn games on the Sega Dreamcast using yabause? I can’t find a good tutorial anywhere 😒

  5. i bought this New láser but couldnt make it work. moving the potenció meter sometimes it Just didnt spin es the disc. some other the láser didnt move OR move like of there were not disc. so i ende UP using the old láser. twerking that pot Just read OK my discos..

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