1. It felt kinda weird buying cannabis with my debit card, at a shop, and getting a receipt. Still baffled and pissed that there's still only three brick and mortar store in Montreal. That is nowhere near enough store. I had to wait two hours in line…. Urgh,

  2. Here in British Columbia, there was exactly one store, which, for some reason, is in Kelowna. Some dispensaries here in Metro Vancouver have shut down, but others are determined to stick it out. (I suspect the reason that first store was in Kelowna was because Metro Vancouver is already so well-served by dispensaries…)

  3. It's surreal, yes… but, also awesome! And "strains", not "strands". =3
    And absolutely corporations are going to exploit the hell out of legal cannabis, just like they exploit the hell out of every other legal business area.

  4. As an American in a state without legal weed, it's bizarre to for me to hear how legal all of this is! The US federal government classifies cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug, which is a fancy way of saying it's as illicit as heroin and cocaine. Even as a non-smoker it's hard not to support legalization when seeing how other Americans are weighed down with pointless felonies that shape the rest of their lives, in addition to costing taxpayers tons of money, keeping drug cartels alive, and being hypocritical considering that tobacco (a much deadlier drug) has always been legal here. I hope for my fellow Americans' sake that we pay attention to how things play out in Canada and learn from it rather than the usual business of willingly blinding ourselves with American Exceptionalism. If not recreational, I hope cannabis crimes are at least downgraded to misdemeanors that someone needs to pay a fine for because that would ease the individual burden quite a bit

  5. Late capitalism is gaining steam in the states. Marlboro wants to buy weed companies in the states. Times are a changing. Also thanks for talking about the marijuana issues in Canada. As an America hoping for legalization this story is quite interesting.

  6. Colorado reaches billion in annual marijuana sales in record time, this is what the corperatization of weed did for little old Denver/Colorado. Can't imagine what the biggest weed market in the world, Canada

  7. Funniest thing I saw was when it was legalised my aunt went and smoked outside on the porch in full view of our next door neighbours. Previously they called the cops on her because they caught a whiff of it. They can't do that now.

  8. You shouldn't be allowed to smoke ANYTHING in public, or in someone else's property without their permission, or even on your own property if you have dependents like children or employees who can't just leave.

    On the other hand, you should be allowed to smoke ANYTHING alone by yourself in the privacy of your own home. And to buy, sell, and possess it anywhere, so long as you're not putting it into air that other people have to breath.

    And filthy ash-holes putting their goddamn drugs into the air I have to breath all need to die in a fucking fire, legal or not.

  9. My story is finally after 20 years of smoking 4 of those for help with pain management medicine, I was 6 in Cape Breton n.s to buy pot and most likely 1 to smoke mine as the news crew wanted someone to roll on smoke it for them. a great day it was nice to have this done now. Ive tried a few different strains and there better and cleaner then black market product

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