HID Grow Light Buying Guide – Choosing The Best HPS or MH Plant Light For Marijuana And Other Plants

A written version of our HID grow light guide can be found on the Grow Light Central website: …


  1. I have a quick question…is it possible to place a 600W HID light into a smaller tent than a 4×4? I am seeing most recommendations are placing that specific wattage into a 4×4 area but would like to know if a 600W would function in say a 32×32 tent (with proper ventilation of course). Thanks!

  2. HPS veg perfectly well, based on my ACTUAL EXPERIENCE and not just theory. Also studies prove the intensity of light matters more than the spectrum. I've vegged under 4200k, 6000k, 10000k and 15000k MH, as well as standard 2100-2300k HPS bulbs and haven't noticed much difference at all. The plants are just as compact with the same size leaves and node spacing. If you're on a budget use that money towards something else. If you like thick stems try silica blast. If you like snake oil dump it into MH for veg and enjoy the placebo effect. The only time MH may provide you benefit is in the last 2 weeks as extra UV increases THC production, leading the "foar science!" people to conclude THC protects the seeds from UV degradation. Never trust info from somebody trying to sell you stuff, always double and triple check it with sources that have lots of experience growing what you want to grow.

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