1. That actually looks pretty tasty. I knew these were edible I spent a lot of time with my grandparents as a child. They grew a huge garden and kept bees well poppy ordered a few of these trees for his bees and granny used to make jam somehow with it. The reason for this comment is the fact he had to order these trees in the early 90's lol. This is a creature that has literally taken over our ecosystem since. Here in tazewell county we no longer have normal forest succession we literally have eleagnus autumnalis succession. If you don't take care of a pasture for say a year the following year it's nothing but olive lol! Literally it's nothing but silver brush with hardly any thing else like your usual wild cherry, cedar, or scrub pine! It's amazing in my 37 years I've seen this but someday these aggressive plants may save us! On my old channel I have a great short doc showing what I've discussed here. It's probably the most pro thing I've put on you tube lol I don't even think there's any 4 letter words. I wish I knew how to link just search "Matt Lloyd autumn olive". Now I've found your channel I'm gonna learn a lot from you thank you God bless!

  2. I Wish I Could Reach Through My Screen And Get 1!!!

    I Have A Stye, I've Been Soaking My Eye Throughout The Day In Salt Water, If You've Another Remedy, I'm All Ears.

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