1. It's not out of the ordinary for people to get possessed while under drugs. They are very vulnerable and have little to no control over their bodies so demons can control them. Of course if you are an atheist you probably don't believe in this stuff and although there is a scientific explanation just remember the science is the what and religion is the how.

  2. I have to deal with 3 of those type of goons at one particular site. 1 of the types is a Schizo and walks up to you all polite with no shirt or shoes and once the convo begun about 10-15 seconds later he flips shit and runs away screaming.

  3. Oof. Wayyyyy too close. Axon cams distort distance, that dude was wayyyy too close. You got a pair taking him on like that, all it takes is an instant and you got a bruised eye socket or worse, I hope that dude never comes back.

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