G2Voice #113 Things I personally do to stay healthy 11/11/2018

This week we are taking about a few things we do in our daily lives to stay healthy… This weeks newsletter: Genesis II …


  1. hello, i am using mms 1 for over 10 months for throat/Oral cancer, i started using it right when i noticed something is wrong but the problem is its not getting better, it is still growing and it starting to hurt i have been using mms 1 the whole time first protocol 1000 now 2000 (only mms1 10 times a day, cant use DMSO because of allergy, and if i try to use mms2 with it i throw up) i use bottle beacause of work but i use big 1,5 litter and in it 10 doses ( 1,5 dl each) and i use 24 drops (approximately 2.4 drop every dose) cant' get higher, and i am limiting vitamin C as much as i can but i am scared. please i am only 22 and i dont want to die i believe mms is going to help me, it helped me in the past with minor tings, but cancer is still growing. am i doing something wrong? where can i get some guidance? please help!

  2. A friend of mine has diabetes. He had a hernia operation in where they installed a mesh that has kept his wound open for many years. That mesh was re-called but the patient declined to remove the mesh.

    According to the doctors, the open wound has periodical infections which spreaded to other organs in his body, thereby creating a cardiac arrest which led to his needing a pacemaker.

    The wound remains open and he still has diabetes. Is it o.k. to prescribe MMS? Please advise.


  3. I just was diagnosed with hsv2 never had an outbreak didn’t even know I had it, purchased jim humbles book and the mms. And other products you suggest or recommend in order to eradicate this from my system and start anew and healthy journey my.

  4. I love your message and what you're doing. I haven't used mms yet but am going to order your book. I am trying to quit smoking, any suggestions? I am currently very healthy but want to stay that way and detox. Keep doing what you're doing!! God bless. One thing it would be great if you could cut these up or make a transcript, it's hard to get time to listen to 2 hour videos.

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