1. Eric Thomas has a PhD in education and yet doesn't know that nearly every study shows that corporal punishment is harmful for kids. He cites his parents hitting him, yet doesn't say that he ran away from home to escape it. He seems to think hitting is the only way to get respect. Just like cops sometimes abuse their power (especially against minorities), it's insane to think that every educator would use corporal punishment for good. Karl, CJ and E always talk about evolving as we learn new information, but they are way behind the times on this…

  2. I was really disturbed by this podcast not in a negative way but in a enlighten since! ET bay bae !! These are not your friends or friendly business people! God will move you ! To better! He will show you the heart of those around you GET READY God bless Be encouraged

  3. Downloading it now. Then gonna synch it to my Oppo (Chinese I-Phone). Just finished the Empire building call. Brought a few things to light. Like throwing things in your face that you knew, though dusting them off and adding a special spice to bring things alive again. Wow. It's scary actually, since our actions will determine the results of our lives. I think as I get older, I wanna play it safe more, though I'm seeing the safest thing is actually taking the calculated risk. Thanks ETA!

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