CBD Oil Benefits

CBD is the most underrated health supplement that one can be taking. CBD aka Cannabidiol is a natural oil extract from the Cannibis plant that is free of THC.


  1. I take CBD after a workout! Has a settle effect to help untense muscle strain. I haven't noticed anything with stress because I'm always keeping busy and moody hahaha…. but with a smile!

  2. I got diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis I'm 35 and my body's been throbbing in pain ever since I do take Methotrexate for the arthritis it does help but not with pain. Should I be thinking about taking CBD.

  3. Does using CBD oil cause/lead to cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome? I've had SO SO SO many patients lately with this, but they all are daily weed smokers. Curious how this differs, but I haven't done any research yet.

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