Cannabis Grow Guide Ep: 11 The GML Topping Technique

The Cannabis Grow Guide is a 21+ Legal Medical Cannabis Channel. This channel is for educational and documentation purposes only. BLG grows top grade …


  1. #CGG,,,, Im In Missouri and would love to brag on my new light to start using in July 2019. Let the Luck of the Irish come my way. I have information overload and writers cramps from getting it all down on paper. What do you charge to be my mentor?

  2. CGG.. CGG.. CGG.. CGG.. CGG. CGG.. CGG.. CGG.. CGG.. CGG.. .CGG.. CGG.. CGG.. CGG.. CGG.. CGG. ENAIL [email protected] .. I'm a disabled blind Marine veteran who grows for extreme nerve damage pain. Just found your channel and have listened to every video you have online. Been growing for many years with hps but now live in TX and it's hot and humid 9 months straight. I need to upgrade to led lights and you completely sold me on these quantum boards. Appreciate you taking time to help teach me how to grow. Semper Fi and god bless.. CGH.. CGG.. CGG. XGG.

  3. I really enjoy your videos. Your explanations coupled with the visuals are making successful growers no doubt. I look forward to the rest of this series as well as your future videos. Thanks also for getting me over to Brave… Love it. #CGG Question: When you're taking off those fan leaves for GML topping, does the plant like to have them removed in pairs (both leaves opposite each other on a branch) or does it matter? Thanks. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Man please help… I left a light on in my grow for 8 hours two days in a row when they r in flower on day 19 so they got 20 hours of light two days in a row what is gonna happen now? Photoperiod grow

  5. looking great BLG nice job brother wow 15 to 25% humidity really low but the girls look great! Ours is low here as well at about 40 % I hang a couple wet dishtowels in the veg tent and it helps raise it to 50% or so as long as there is air movement from a fan. Great series brother thanks for sharing be blessed today!!!

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