Canadians Can Now Legally Buy Recreational Marijuana | TIME

Canada became the largest country with a legal national marijuana marketplace as sales began early Wednesday in Newfoundland. Subscribe to TIME …


  1. Enjoy life. Relax, breathe and live. Let's not be complicated on life to restrict on things. It's a plant. We aren't getting away from death no matter what we try to regulate. Stop making life so dull and serious. Smoke and be happy.

  2. Great Job Canada! They also have free Healthcare!! Instead of the blackmarket, now they can tax it and build more infrastructure for the country! They also dont have to waste timing chasing around arresting people for small amounts – can use their time better.

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    Amazon canada just increased their umbrella sales😃

  4. well done Canada…. reap the billion dollar business profits…. The cannabis business is a MULTI billion dollar business… The western world will legalize for recreational use just give it time there is toooo much money in it for it not to be legalised…

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