11/20-Autoflower Grow Update Where to get seeds

How to Grow Medical Marijuana for those that live in legal states. This site is to teach you how to grow your own medicine. We do not encourage any type of drug …


  1. Folks I really need help here, where I live there's no perlite, or coco noir, just regular potting soil n universal, what can I do to make this work for autos, I really appreciate any input.

  2. Anyone know where to get the christmas tree buds of the late 90s early 2000s? White buds couldnt even see green with red green orange hairs that smelled like concentrated pine sap. So so so so so resinous that after the first hit from a joint resin would drip down your chin. Havent seen that since about 06. Best dope ever the buzz was so so so superior sure some bud of today may have higher thc and get you higher but the type of buzz that stuff gave was the best ever.
    And what ever happened to the skunk from the late 90s early 2000s i graduated in 02 havent seen real skunk since about 03. Sure some stuff today is skunkyish but im talking about that stuff that smelled like you were 5ft away from a roadkill skunk. Wheres that?

  3. Great vid, they're always full of useful info! Btw, in a 5 gal DWC set-up, what ppm/ec would u recommend for the Colorado cookies at around day 45? Guessing it would be their first or maybe second flower feed. Also what would you estimate is the highest ppm/ec that strain would ever receive? Thanks!

  4. Hi guys, thanks for the vids. A friend just gave me a seedling in soil, I grow in coco. I tried to shake as much of the soil off I could before transplanting it in me coco. The dudes snipped the leaves as well, no idea why you would do that. Came back today and the snipped leaves are all brown at the end, so I guess they're dying. Would this be due to transplant shock or the fact he snipped the leaves? Another thing, it was starting to get rooted at the bottom of the seedling pot.

  5. Looks like a quality tent, what kind you use. I'm fixing to buy one, and thought of getting one from gorilla, unless you can convince me of a better one at good price. I do know the smallest I want to go with is a 5x5x80.

  6. I would probably treat the Carnival as a mother and strip it down completely into a dozen or so 'clones' and make the next grow a full Carnival photo. Also use the second water container to keep her on grow formula.

  7. Thank you. As a senior who is growing indoors for the 1st time in over a decade, I appreciate your grow tips, but most of all I truly appreciate your honesty ! Everything has changed since my last grow, the lighting, the nutrients, all of the high tech gadgets, etc. the choices are overwhelming. I’m a fairly new sub, and I can say that of all of the channels on u-tube that focus on cannabis, your channel is in my top 3 that I enjoy watching. Keep up the good work young man !!

  8. I know you didn’t want anyone speaking on your health… but I Know your life is important. And I Know medical doctors told you that there’s no hope but they only get paid when people are sick… anyways PLEASE RESEARCH **DR SEBI** (herbal dr not a md) and I PROMISE YOU you’ll have many more years to experience. PEACE brother 🙏🏾

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