Why Aren’t People Outraged at This NYPD Cop Planting Weed?

Why is no one talking about this NYPD cop getting caught planting weed in a black teen’s BMW? Hasan Piker breaks down how drug laws target and …


  1. The American people voted Trump into office and do nothing when journalists are assassinated. Why would this bother them? The only thing they get outraged about is people that stand up against Trump.

  2. Face it, the vast majority of white America just doesn't give a shit what happens to people of color, especially black folks, as long as it isn't happening to them. Another perfect example: The opioid addiction crisis was declared a national emergency, but the crack addiction crisis, which decimated black communities, was utterly ignored. Why? Because it mostly affected black communities. Until white America starts seeing black folks as complete human beings who are their equals, and actually begins to care what happens to us, this shit will continue and the USA will continue to be a torture zone for black and brown people.

  3. All it takes it one simple federal law to stop this forever. Seriously:
    "Any officer of the law caught framing an arrest, get the maximum sentence for the crime."
    I don't care if that means the death penalty, they're ready to send someone for prison for it.

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