What the Hemp?! The Benefits of Hemp Oil | NatulabUSA

My first time trying hemp oil and I am NOT disappointed! I LOVE this hemp oil! I highly recommend it if you struggle with what I struggle with. I use it twice daily(for …


  1. It's crazy that you're posting this because I just ordered CBD oil last week. I tried eating the CBD gummies and my anxiety went way down as well as my depression.. I had the energy to clean my apartment that was a wreck from being depressed.. And the oil has been helping me have a stable throughout the day as well! Lifesaver.

  2. Thank you for sharing this! And for sharing your journey. I also have anxiety and haven't taken anything. I smoked a lot of weed lol. I would love to try something like this versus the pills I'm taking.

  3. I’m not sure if I ever commented on your page, but you are one of the girls that made me fall in love with Youtube. I’m so sorry that you are going through these things (I Am too) but i am so happy that you are fighting through it no matter what & looking for solutions for what you are going through. I miss your videos.

  4. Im going to try this because I Suffer with Anxiety myself I will be willing to try anything like I would just like to go a day where I’m not over thinking all the time and to get a good night sleep with out worrying or thinking about things

  5. Wow, I have Bipolar Depression and Anxiety which are so severe its really affected my life and then I had back surgery a year ago which causes hella pain and I'm on so much meds right now… I'm gonna go get that as soon as i get up in the morning. ( sn: i use to wrk at ulta too and hide in the bathroom when ppl got on my nerves lol )

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