1. Gary I learned how to do this a couple months ago picked it up watching a guy at festival. But after trying it my self I was sold it is the only way to hit your dab. Cheers

  2. Is this not like literally almost the exact same thing as putting a cold loaded bucket in a hot nail capping it and waiting? Feels idk safer that way and conceptually I see no difference.

  3. It's called a cold-start dab, it's basically re-heat tech, I've thought about this a long time ago as how I would just start the dab but I think the way to go is to heat a banger, time it down, and drop a room-temp pre-loaded insert into the banger and it is kind of like a cold-start in and of itself.

  4. Have done this a few times in the past few months , someone interweb famous from a brand or something (sorry, my stoner brain) was pushing this process in a video from a cannabis trade show a few months back, works great for sauce

  5. When pot smokers finally figure out what a crack pipe is…. people have been vapourizing crystals and oils for longer than you can imagine. A standard crack pipe in my experience is better than most weed oriented devices. Connect your crack pipe bowl to a bong and forget this “dab rig” stuff nails and quarts bengers with blow tortches. Replace with a small thin glass bowl that heats up under a lighter in seconds and cools just as fast.

  6. If you're new to cold start, try out the quartz insert bucket. You stick your dab in the insert. You torch your nail to regular temp, and almost immediately drop the insert into your banger. The cold and the hot kind of neutralize in this process and most of the time hits perfect temp. Most of the time

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