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  1. Be very careful how you take up this 'Free trial'.This is the email I sent to Customer Service after I had received the so-called free offer 19 days after the order. The paperwork that came with the bottle said that the 14 day free trial was timed from my order date making it impossible to trial. When I sent a second email cancelling the order as I was not going to play their game they said I had not complied with their 'conditions' and had already charged my card with the full bottle price of £49.95 plus £4.93 p& p.
    When I wrote the following email they had obviously blocked my email address as it would not go so I attach it here as a dire warning to everybody who reads this site. Of course it wouldn't surprise me if it is taken down – however true it is. Let's see!
    Customer Service,
    This is completely outrageous! You cannot claim that it is the responsibility of the customer to contact you within 14 days of placing an order if the product does not arrive for 19 days. In fact you did not send the product until 31st as witness the label on the packaging which means that the delivery time was in fact 16 days, still between 9 & 6 days longer than your “Please Allow 7 – 10 days stated at the top of your ‘Congratulations’ letter which was sent on the same day that I placed my order which was a Sunday.

    Once I had read your “IMPORTANT NOTICE” with this extraordinary invention of ‘Friendly Fraud” I realised that this whole promotion using a well known person to front it was likely to be a scam. As everyone knows, if it looks too good to be true it almost certainly is, so you pull people in with a so-called ‘free offer’ and then make conditions that are impossible to fulfil. I wonder indeed if the famous person involved actually knows how he was used.

    I had not checked on line until just now when I see a whole raft of information including “shocking side effects revealed and “Before Buy must read”. I really was prepared to try your product as at my age a little help would be welcome but all these nonsense conditions really put me off which is why I sent my second cancellation note.

    It’s quite clear that your intention is to maximise profit against any real customer service by simply not accepting that you could possibly have been let down by the postal service – in which case a genuine company response would have been to provide the 14 days from the point of receipt because you never know, it might just work in which case it could be worth a lot. Alternatively you actually know that it does NOT work so you make sure that your ‘conditions’ mean that anyone falling for the promotion genuinely cannot comply with the conditions so that you can then charge them with the full bottle price.

    Come on Customer Service – “educating our valued customers with a threat of a credit card number black list is no way of doing business. According to a quick check on line “No, there is no such thing as a credit blacklist or a central list of borrowers who should be avoided. Lenders judge you based on the information on your credit …”

    This is not a business – it is fraud.

    The only way in which you might change my mind is to refund the money you have taken from my card – but we all know that isn’t going to happen.

    Go on – change my mind.

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