1. Hi Derek,
    Small suggestion! Try keeping some type of Fabric below your phone, when placing your phone on a hard surface to record audio.
    It will help your Audio tremendously!

  2. We are very glad you can continue as well. I learn so Much from you. I am a legal grower in Oregon. I have recently moved to California, and will become a legal grower here in the future as well. Bless you Sir. You explain things well for us learners….

  3. Hey Chef B. Great to see your Channel is still going strong. I think Y.T. definitely does not like Creators promoting the names of Dispensaries and Cannabis Suppliers or Seed Companies and Smoking Cannabis on Screen. Plenty of Review Only Channels have been deleted. Deleted video's are even subject to Strikes!

  4. Really glad you aren't getting swept up in the mass removals. I've been growing shishkaberry for a number of years (registered with health canada) and I can tell anyone within ear shot, it's an amazing strain for treatments and extractions, as well as being almost idiot proof to grow. great yields, great taste and scent, really forgiving for new growers, it just seems to handled stress better, even outright abuse.

  5. I am blown away that this channel was given a strike .
    Nothing but you , your words , your insights , opinions , some plants & beautiful up close pictures of plants ..
    Maybe an occasional cuss word , but as an adult those use of cuss words don't offend me in the least little fucking bit .
    At the moment I'm wishing I could be sitting there getting relaxed with you !
    Very Relaxed .

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