This video is simply to show how I prepare my dish…I am not giving any medical suggestions or advice this is just to share what works for me…. If you’d like to …


  1. Tajin is my shuuuuush!!! I use it on EVERYTHING EXCEPT the fruit that it's made for 😅😂
    I can't WAIT 'till my cukes kick off this gardening season!! Imma be eating cucumbers ALL FRIGGIN DAY.
    I like using red onion, and cut them just a couple of times across, in strips… but I think I might go back to regular onion a time or two just for variety since my plant is gonna be prolific, so I expect to have almost TOO many cucumbers.
    Sending Energies of rapid healing to you!! 💜 💪🏽😊

  2. I am gonma make a version of this with what I have! Awesome share new subby!!! Prayers healing prayers sent your way! I pray your condition improves until there is a resolve or miracle! Stay encouraged awesome share!

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