Francis Chan on drugs like cannabis and self control in other areas. The Crazy Love Team has given Off The Kirb Ministries permission to use Francis Chan …


  1. I have a question if what you're saying is true and it's just a matter of self-control then wouldn't we be able to not send it all and if that was the case there would be people walking around that are perfect my feeling on this is this leads to a belief system of self-righteousness will I don't send because I don't smoke weed or I don't send because I don't look at p*** but we all said we all fall short of the glory of God even with all the self-control in the world I don't believe we're capable of not sending it all so if you can avoid the $0.01 with self-control and wouldn't you be able to avoid all of them

  2. Joe, this especially is an area in which I struggle. I have wrestled with these thoughts for so long now, and everything I think about when tempted, Francis just destroyed. Self-control is often a problem, most often when it comes to lust, and perseverance is something that I desperately need more of. Thank you for the upload, you have no idea just how much I needed this one. Praying for you! -Nathan

  3. I do need pray in this area I was addicted to herion for many many years although god instantly delivered me from crack cocaine and other things for what ever reason he didn't with herion,it's a constant struggle to stay clean so any prayers are welcome with open arms.this world is getting the wrong message regarding addiction to hard drugs it's very very different to other addictions you don't hear of people stealing to feed there tobacco habit,or begging and it actually costs more to buy tobacco than a rap of herion, yet we hear it's as addictive,I assure you it isn't not by a country mile . there's so many addicted people who started there walk with God only to be left by the church when prayer alone didn't work . please , please pray for the addicts you come across , because it's a powerful hand of the enemy has on them god bless.

  4. When it comes to marijuana that's a word made up by the government to push propaganda and racism God in fact said in Genesis that the herb bearing seed of his Kind he made everything good man wants to poison and manipulate everything, Psalms 103 14 the herb is for men to partake so that he may till the Earth and bring for food to consume we miss you a lot of things in life we need to go to the Creator not the created when it comes to our problems and his great wisdom has given us plenty of herbs medicines and Foods to help us coat but most of all a full dose of the Lord's love is the most important thing for your heart to receive God bless you all in Jesus name amen

  5. Bible says God made every green thing and its good for food… so where do these pastors get the devil made weed? scripture please not opinions. I don't condone the cannabis abuser *stoner * but I don't condemn somebody because they use it for whatever reason responsibly, I've hear pastors say once you take a drink of alcohol your drunk, Bible says in Timothy DRINK NO LONGER WATER ONLY BUT A LITTLE WINE FOR YOUR STOMACHS SAKE AND THINE OFTEN INFIRMATIES, should I listen to the 501c3 preacher that tells more jokes and personal stories than he gives scripture or the Bible? everybody needs the Bible and spiritual discernment, nobody needs a church full of hypocrites led by a greedy wolf…. and thats most bldgs.

  6. Cannabis is a medicine so this is very subjective. Taking one sip of alcohol is damaging to your body and spirit. Anything we put before God is sin.
    In our bodies have something called the endocannabinoid system. Just Google it, basically our bodies produce cannabis naturally and it controls many functions in our body. I'm not saying everyone should just roll up a joint and start smoking but there is a purpose for this medicine. I could really go on and on with facts. Google – THC kills cancer cells – Yes the psycho active ingredient in cannabis kills cancer cells. This was proven in Israel many years ago. God Bless and let's keep God first in our life's.

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