1. Bro this vid had me paranoid, my name is Corbin and my nickname is corb so when u kept saying Corbin and corb I was lookin around like who’s calling my name and it was you, but anyway good vid bro.

  2. I was playing rainbow about two weeks ago and I was defending on hostage 1v3. I had killed two of the attackers, and as soon as the last one comes into my crosshair, google decides to send me a notification that completely drags me out of the game window. I got vote kicked because they thought I was throwing after that.

  3. Hey SMii7Y that was me Epidemic.PTS love all your videos awesome to be featured in it as well it's pretty cool I sent the video link to my siege buddies I was playing with in that game the got a laugh out of it. Just want to say again love the videos from you guys keep up the good work!!!

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