1. The problem here, and how to fix this in my opinion. is that he tried to rip him out of the loops with logic… Shrooms is immersive, you're supposed to do things, like listen to music or watch a great movie, or hike and learn to communicate with nature or spirit. Sitting on a couch and thinking that shrooms is some type of end all be all place, like a fucking limitless pill.. will bite you in the ass, popping out of time isn't for everybody and with this presupposition its hard to unify and merge yourself with the true mushroom high.

    You need to have experienced a natural trauma, and have transmuted it yourself to know how to get your subconcious (all that's really keeping this guy looping) to shut up and for mushrooms to really show you how IT communicates, the ah hah moment!

  2. You should try playing video games on shrooms to see how it affects you, when i played league on LSD i literally dodged every skillshot cause it was like they moved towards me in super slow-mo

  3. i got stuck in a weird loop on acid once. I found out about the southpark episode where they predicted the episode getting censored or some shit so they censored something to foreshadow it or whatever, and i found it so interesting cause it had so many levels of censorship, so i started reading the wikipedia page to understand all the levels but my mind just couldnt understand all the levels of censorship at once and how they were connected, but it felt like i needed to know and since i couldnt it just made it even worse… i sat there reading a very small sized wiki page for 3 hours until my friend came into the room being like "wtf uve been here so long wat r u doin" i explained to him that i was amazed over this censorship thing and i couldnt let it go cause i didnt understand, thats when he told me "get the fuck up lets play some league" and the loop was over. if it wasnt for him id still be reading that page lmao…. actually let me go read it again now that i can actually understand.

  4. I have a mild state of this naturally.. its called depersonalisation / derealisation and it wont go away.. and i have this hyperawareness thoughts so much that my brain is pretty exhausted… and my perception of reality is distorted since then and it actually got me start thinking about shit that no normal human normally would think about , means i lost my mind forever… i know why hes scared about that…. at the end of the day its all a brain thing and our body and mind live it out in what ever way it occurts… and also .. by all means , how can you figure out if your in reality while not being on drugs ? there is no way to get 100% certainty.. and your mind can dwell on this question etc naturally .. just not thaaat intense to a point where you repeat the same shiut over again but thought loops etc can occure also without drugs… and everything goes inward , survival bullshit mechanisms that completly take over

  5. You might want to try DMT, it's a more intense trip in a 3rd of the time. I had a great experience on it, better then my shroom trips. I really enjoyed your commentary over your experience.

  6. damn, its so rough to see people tripsit that don't have experience with drugs 😡
    With small doses you can fight against the trip but at high dosage you kinda have to let go and give in to the shrooms to have a good trip.. kinda weird/sad that you instantly regretted your choice and wanted to go back instead of letting go and enjoy your new mind

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