Marijuana legalization in Canada ‘a long time coming,’ activist Jodie Emery says

Activist Jodie Emery calls pot legalization in Canada ‘a long time coming’ but says the country still has a long way to go when it comes to civil liberties and …


  1. Together with this marijuana comes demons of crime and lawlessness. Every time you smoke a joint demons enter into you. That is why that stuff is addictive. If you are wise you will stay clear of marijuana …. or you may call it zombie salad ….

  2. Don't be fooled this is not legalization its monopolization. If this was legalization I could grow a hundred pounds and sell you a hundred pounds but I can't why because it's illegal

  3. These Cannabis  Laws are going to make the Politicians RICH, who have invested in the Monopoly this CRIMINAL Government created for themselves and their White Collar Criminal Friends … Bill Blair and Julian Fantino are just  names on the List… The website is Terrible and the pricing is ridiculous … This was just the Governments way to Please Big PHARMA because the Government is making sure Cannabis isn't accessible and instead of Promoting Cannabis; they have created a Deterrent and the Word "Recreational" is the disguise, because cannabis as Medicine can Cure Cancer … BiG Pharma can not afford a Cure for Cancer

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