Lynzy Lab Performs Viral Song “A Scary Time” (for Boys)

Today is the International Day of the Girl. The idea of this day is to focus on female leadership to make better lives for girls. The news may have moved off of the …


  1. I bet she doesnt like it when people make fun of her when she tries to bring awareness of issues faced by women. The irony is lost on her as someone barely brought up issues faced by men and she had to immediatly bring attention back on women. Shes that girl who goes to a rally for prostate cancer and go "wHaT ABoUt brEaST CanCEr ????". Saying that boys face problems doesnt invalidate your issues. Multiple problems can exist without having to be all about you.

  2. The reason she can't do this stuff is because of illegal mexicans because they are usually the ones who commit these sorts of crimes. And yet this dumb girl supports democrats who want to keep bringing in these criminals into her neighborhood. Stupid girl.

  3. we seriously need to stop this divisive rhetoric. women do have difference experiences than men but it's common sense that ALL of us need to be alert when walking at night and defending ourselves, to just highlight one sex is borderline narcissistic and just divides ppl in sexes. how about we talk about what's important to the COMMON ppl. ppl come in all shapes and sizes, not all men are 6 feet tall body builders, just like not all women are petite weaklings. it's the same rhetoric ppl spew dividing the country: democrats/republicans, men/women, race, religion, etc. people categorize too much, everything is a spectrum, not if/or, and we need to find that balance of mixed democrat views and mixed republican views that will work best for ppl.

  4. Some of you are right, we can still do everything she says we can’t, but with that said, someone out there is being a creep to us when we, meaning a woman! We have to watch our backs and watch out for each other despite what you say. No one is saying all men are like this..but if it’s a scary time for a man right now, chances are they did something to be scared about and should be scared. Otherwise move on, not talking about you.

  5. Why are so many comments worried about Saudi Arabian women? Yes it's terrible there but fix up yourself too people. Just cos someone else is stabbing themselves themselves nearby, doesn't make the pain of punching yourself unnecessarily any better. Also, nearly everything does apply to me and my female friends and colleagues. If you think otherwise then you aren't talking to enough women under the age of 50 (above that age makes them less likely to have to deal with such discrimination. That shouldve been an additional line in the song. Have to be more than at least 50 to be taken seriously especially in your career regardless of skill or experience).

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