1. Cannabis is naturals medicine.. Cannabis saves lives and heals your body and kills cancer cells and prevents altzhimers and cures opiate addiction ..many uses for it. Very positive..

  2. needs ta be DECRIMINALIZED across DAH board!!! CANNABIS {{{AINT}}} a "gateway DRUG"… it's a MIRACULOUS PLANT which can/WILL put (((ALL))) of DAH INDUSTRIALCONplexes "OUT OF BUSINESS" {{{OVERNIGHT}}}… especially DAH ROCKAFELLAS MEDICAL and/er PETRO/CHEMICAL BIG PHARMA CONPlexes!!! wake up SHEEPLE… "we AINT IN KANSAS kNOw MORE"!!!

  3. How about the do something about all the drugs etc. In the the water their. 'Addiction purposes' equals $6,000 a day, per patient, several in a room billed to tax payers so MDs can get new mercedes?

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