Learn to Spot & Treat POTASSIUM Deficiency – Cannabis Plants

Today on Lex’s World, my guide on identifying, diagnosing and fixing K-deficiency in your plants. Potassium issues are trickier to identify than other deficiencies …


  1. Hey lex great vid, i was wondering if maybe you could do a video on how to react in a power outage situation to keep your mothers and seedlings from flowering. The winters here often knock out power as im sure is true with most places up north!

  2. I see said the blind man one of the other Growers videos show I told him it's a chance that he's overdriving too much power on to a show plants now that I watch this video possibility he has deficiency that you were talking about and let him know thank you it's something for me to remember also have a good turkey day sir bye for now he he he

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