1. Can't believe you Joe, giving credit where credit isn't due!!
    The only thing, that shaved orangutan, has figured out in two years, is that if he pushes a button on the desk, someone brings a diet coke.

  2. Notice how the elite are now willing to abandon our only ally in the middle east over one pro jihadist journalist. He wasn't an American citizen. Yesterday it was russia, today its Saudi Arabia, tomorrow its….ourselves

  3. Hahadah, all the butt hurt Trump tards on the video. Rogan is apolitical – get your heads out of Trump’s anus and don’t get so offended. But naw u HAVE to let the internet know you DISLIKE that Rogan thought she was funny

  4. The level of loser denial in this comment feed is pretty much through the roof, GO AMERICA you bunch of smarmy braindead youtube sheep. To say Michelle Wolf isn't funny and to say that she DIDN'T OWN the crooked president and his crooked administration is basically pushing a lie which most republicans do. The delusion level is pretty outstanding and It really makes me laugh how this president has brought a whole clan of racist, corrupt, lying "americans" out of the woodwork that belong either in prison or a mental hospital.

  5. Uh what? That wasn't a burn at all. I still dont even know what that was supposed to imply other than some bullshit murderous rage towards the press that would translate into an actual murder, which as we know is so ridiculous considering you have countries like Russia where known anti Putin press agents are legitimately assassinated. The United States currently has more known anti trump, anti white house, anti conservative groups that are extremely well known and say what they like yet as there should be, yet somehow trump wants to kill the press? He hates them but damn that's even a larger step into the land of stupidity. Wolf isn't funny, she is moronic, her followers are troglodytes. Beyond all that, I cant really take Joe seriously when it comes to comedy, the guy was at best a 90s early 2000s c level comedian. The fact that he thought that was somehow a funny burn takes him down to a c-.

  6. Too be honest Michelle Wolf's dinner set was mediocre, but Hasan Minaj's set the year before was 10000x better, but his was probably the best ever. I basically consider it one of his Stand Up specials lol

  7. I thought her performance was solid. It landed her a Netflix show. Then the world realized they didn't need another liberal show dedicated to shitting on Trump, then it got cancelled.

    Trump bashing is the laziest form of comedy right now. Even liberals are getting tired of it.

  8. I don't lean politically anywhere but I will not deny that Michael wolf is still not funny and to me did not burn Trump at all. She's as funny as the Big Bang theory tries to be by pointing out the ovious and going for low hanging fruit

  9. It’s funny how people in the comments are automatically calling people, incels, butthurt, idiots, etc. when we just didn’t find the broad funny. And then they want to act like we are the triggered ones. And if it matters I’m not a Trump supporter, this chick just isn’t funny..

  10. I'm seriously not a Trumper but I found her unnecessarily bitter and jaded and it didn't come off funny at all. It seemed just like a wounded girl trying to wound others. I like good jokes and impressions of Trump (Baldwin's is dogshit) but this ain't it.

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