How to heal cancer and tumors in your dog. No need for surgery. Rick Simpson Oil does it again.

Why pay all that money for costly vet visits to surgically remove things from your dog and not even really fix the problem. Tumors can grow back if not healed …


  1. can you please explain what you mean by veggie capsules. I can't understand how to make the suppositories – the oils I get but what are veggie caps and how do you put oil in them thank u

  2. FYI when your dog eats it and sleeps, that’s when the oil is helping the cancerous tissues. The last thing you want is the dog running around if it has tumors that can rupture.

  3. Hey Valerie… Ohhh thats so great to hear!☺ just give me a "Shout" when u think u will . lol. Im still short on couple things i need to get to make. I think once ive made a few times i wont b so scared im gonna make a mistake.

  4. Hi Valerie.☺ well, wanted to let you and anyone else that are looking for Veggie caps. I found at Whole foods. But, they only had "0" size caps. I hope they will work for now until i can go to Costco. To find the "00"size caps.

  5. Hi ,thank you so much for the info!
    Do you have a video on how to make the capsule suppositories ? I have a blue pit. ,and would like to try to help her. Just not sure on where to find the capsule to put oil in. Also what kind coconut oil.? Any additional info would be so great.☺ Again, thank you!

  6. Hey there 🙂 ,Good info once again. You are doing a great job helping people and our dogs! Keep up the good work. Nice looking dog. I love the pittbull/amstaff breed. I wish i still had my boy. They are such a loving,loyal,intelligent and protective breed of dog. A true gift from God.

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