1. Smoke is harmful to your lungs regardless of what is being burned, even burning wood in a fireplace is bad to breathe (and I don't see people eager to light up a lock of hair). ¬_¬ Moreover, drinking alcohol, popping pills, shooting up, etc. only directly hurt the drinker, but smoking (anything) directly hurts everyone within a hundred feet of them. 😒

  2. My biggest concern is that we should be talking about "drug reform" and not "marijuana reform". Marijuana is a pretty harmless drug and absolutely should be legalised (with appropriate restrictions on age, quality, and so forth – which of course is easier when legal than not); but this ignores a large number of other substances that have medical and safe recreational potential uses including LSD, psilocybin, MDMA, and more.

  3. I really liked that y’all brought the social-cultural-political climate into this video. I feel like it was a great way to establish the context of why we don’t know that much, before diving into the science. You all rock, great work Alie and Micah!

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