1. I have the water soluble.. It's very strong in taste.. It's a bit tough.. The smell is very strong to cannabis.. You can open the bottle and you have to close it right away because the smell is that strong and will actually linger, like if someone opened a bag of bud.. But to honest.. It was retailed at $199.. I bought it on sale for $99… I thought it would work because of the ingredients and thinking if it was pricier that meant better medicine for me, but unfortunately I can't say I noticed any real difference compared to what I used to take Charlotte's Web, and supposedly Hemplucid is much higher in mgs. I'm gonna finish the bottle because it would be a waste not to.. but I will not be buying this product again.. Sadly, I feel or experience no noticeable benefit from it.

  2. Going to try and check the store out as I am passing through tomorrow. Off topic, why the need for 3 cable modems? (That I can see) 1 for phone, the other for internet, but the 3rd seems like its not online lol. Sorry but its random.

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