Grow room and CNL Update. about 6 wks in

Update on the grow room, Things looking good. What happened to the outdoor CNL Plant? What I’m Smoking on now. about 6 weeks into flower.


  1. Smoking cannabis is hazarded to your health. I am living proof of that. Most studies only go back 20 years. Well….I have been smoking weed for 50. I never smoked tobacco. I am chronic breathing issues like emphysema, chest pain and a chronic cough. Do doubt cancer to follow. But I won't die of marijuana smoking….I will die of things it causes.

  2. What up, B? Yeah, I had a couple plants that just didn't finish all the way this summer, too. It sucks. Trichomes were milky, but I wanted swollen buds. It started to get cold and rainy and by mid Oct I'd lost enough to rot and pm. Choppity chop chop, muhfuckas. They still smell good in the jars. Fuck it, that's outdoor.

  3. Subbed u a while ago. Nice watching your real down to earth demeanor! U still got some nice thc off that CNL but shit happens!you my man are having fun with your grow … keep up the good videos!!!

  4. The buds still turned out nice even though they were growing outside and it was cold.. The rest of the garden looks good❄️❄️❄️💯💪🏾

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