Governor Leaves Homophobic Meltdown Voicemail

Maine Governor Paul LePage had a meltdown on the voicemail of a state legislator. Per the Governor’s request, it has been made public. Cenk Uygur, John …


  1. Racists don't usually adapt black kids. He may have stereotypical views and expectations based on what he sees in this regard. I presume it may be the drug dealers are black or Latino. Or at least these guys are easy to target and stigmatize. He needs to pull himself out of his shell and see that there is an implication and precedent set when you target only one group.

  2. Paul Lepage is far from a saint, but the guy has done wonders for welfare reform. He's made it harder to get food stamps so the lazy people are being forced to work or leave state. His welfare reform has saved the state millions, and I do respect him for that. His big downfall is he isn't the least bit PC, he tells it how it is.

  3. It seems that, to be a Republican, you must lack a basic sense of empathy. You must also be a xenophobe who looks at the world with an "us" and "them" dichotomy. It's so easy when everything is black and white.
    Intelligent people think in terms of nuance.

  4. Blacks cause th most crime per capita out of any race. There is no place on earth where blacks are improving. They only ruin places. Call it racist. Since that's the only response you have to truth.

  5. Prisons should be run by the state like here in Germany. There are some downsides, like, we won't have the best conditions for our prisoners to not relapse again like more civilized countries like Norway do, but at least nobody has an interest to put people in Jail. Cheers to the Nation that has got the biggest prison population per capita and calls itself leader of the free world. Leader by arms, i think, and therefore more leader of a world that has to call itself "as free as America" (the beautiful). Yuk.

  6. now you bastards are after my governor… you people have no clue what is actually going on. you jerk offs wouldn't know how to tell the truth if the facts slapped you in the face. the fact being the people busted with enough drugs to be considered trafficking are in fact from out of state and 90% of them from new york and conneticut as well being black or hispanic… go figure dumb asses, Maine is mostly a white population. he was not saying only these demographs of people commit drug crimes in our state. we bust down meth houses here almost as quickly as the open up. get over yourselves!

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