First East Coast Recreational Marijuana Retail Stores To Open Tomorrow | NBC Nightly News

The state voted to legalize marijuana for recreational use two years ago. While only two stores are opening tomorrow, more will be approved in the coming …


  1. Go against present country and U.S. state recreational marijuana legalization because it continually supports criminal organizations. An example of this is a plethora of criminal organizations and individual criminals were caught exploiting recreational marijuana legalization by operating facilities to get Colorado marijuana to sell it both in and outside of Colorado according to (The Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado The Impact Volume 5: Page 4). These examples out of many more shows recreational marijuana legalization continually brings in and supports criminal organizations. This increase of criminal activity raises crime.

  2. Cocaine isn't a Schedule 1, but rather a schedule 2

    Yes, that's right.. the green drug I'm smoking right now is considered to be more dangerous than cocaine by our own Federal Government

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