1. Good. I'm not young, 40, I don't use facebook. I am disturbed how much my 70 year old parents use facebook. They tell me some stupid news info, and I ask where'd you get that info? They say facebook and almost instantly don't believe it.

  2. Facebook is an invasive piece of neoliberal PC shit and I detest it. 'Sick of the advertising and cannot stand lefty Zuckerberg. He is some kind of Orwellian robot who is clearly dysfunctional.

    I don't use it and will delete my account asap.

    The quicker it nosedives the better and ends up on the scrapheap where it belongs.


  3. How do I completely delete the FB app? I deleted it a long while ago last year, but, I still find that FB is linked to so many other apps too. I certainly don't appreciate FB actively selling our personal data.

  4. Both Facebook the company and the website are just fine. The company has diversified well and while some of its assets are no longer a prime target for the younger demographics, it owns assets like Instagram which is very popular and still very cool with the young and hip crowd. The website itself is also doing really well. If you are in business you know there are lots of older people who use it, you know, people who have LOTS of disposable income. Do you know who uses a lot of facebook? Moms. Do you know who controls the majority of household spending? Women/wives/moms. Try educating yourself before talking a ton of nonsense.

    And for the record, I despise facebook and haven't used it since around 2008-2009 and it's been uncool with the younger crowd since the early 2010s. But you really have no idea how business works nor the real world.

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