Does microdosing LSD make you smarter? | DW English

There’s a growing trend in the US: raising brain performance by microdosing LSD. Many people now consume so-called neuroenhancers such as like ritalin, …


  1. Still little to no research on the long term effects of microdosing. Better not to toy with the mind until we have evidence whether these substances are safe/harmful. It does offer hope that there will be better treatment options for depression/anxiety then what they have now.

  2. Microdosing (~20ug) dosen't make you smarter, but it surely enhence some of cognitive functions in a smooth and not overwhelming manner. Another thing is that lsd-25 builds up tolerance quite fast, so effects of taking microdoses daily will diminish respectively. Taking 200ug can show you intensely modality of your brain's functions, but taking the drug will not make anybody smarter by just taking it. Indeed, the experience can be profound and constructive for your self-development. Set and setting is the essence, doing it with the people you trust, in a safe environment, without hard-emotional luggage. Lsd-25 slays ego, it heightens awareness and shows the Tao.

  3. This so called young professionals think they are being trendy and cool when in reality they are fools playing with their brain chemistry which would cause not today maybe but long term brain damage as science has shown

  4. I have an extreme sensitivity to Sulphites and cannot use the Epi Pen with it's Sulphites. It's Russian Roulette. A stiff cup of fresh ground French Roast picks me up off of the floor. I used LSD IN THE 70'S once in a while. I don't recommend it. I have Nursed Alzheimer's patients for 18 yrs. and in my opinion, "all things in moderation".

  5. You have to think about long-term consequences & your ability to be satisfied with your level of cognition. If you perceive your cognition to improve upon taking a drug, what happens when you then loose satisfaction with that level & want more? Do you take more of the drug, or try mixing it with other drugs? When a person seeks to improve in an unnatural way, they will likely keep going & not stop at microdoses. They will never be satisfied — similar to people who seek plastic surgery to improve their looks.

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