So, I have suffered from anxiety and on and off depression in the past several years of my life, however it significantly got worse in Japan mostly due to the …


  1. Hi, I'm married to a Japanese national and we live in Japan ( we are older, retired). I just got my first shipment of CBD oil from the same company. Just a note, I did a lot of research on CBD companies and Elexinol is a really good product). Anyway, I ordered the capsules because I wanted to make sure that I got a standard dose. Each capsule delivers 5 mg of CBD. I took one last night, one this morning. So far so good. I'm mellow. I'm taking it for migraines, stress, insomnia. How are you doing on it?

  2. So, now it is September first here in Japan. How's it going? Still using it? Does it work? I've been here for 30 years…I understand the "Ups and Downs" of living here. Hope you're feeling better.

  3. I am so happy I found your channel. I'm from NZ and am looking to apply for JET for 2019, there's a presentation at my uni (Otago) this Friday and am so excited! Have been getting heaps of useful tips from your other videos, but this just really struck a chord. I've had anxiety and depression since I was around 13, which has only gotten worse with the pressures of university. How you describe your anxiety so accurately depicts my own that I am kind of blown away. I have never been on any medication for it because I am extremely wary of the side effects they may have, but seeing the amazing effects you have had from something natural makes me so hopeful that one day I will feel 'normal' too! <3

  4. Ahh! I didnt think this was legal! I suffer from bad anxiety too and havnt been able to try this (it's still controversial in my state) but my husband is in the Jet Programme and I'll be flying in a few weeks!

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