Cannabis And Creativity Inspired By Masks

Hello my name is Trina and I am a Medical Cannabis Patient. I partake of Cannabis on a regular basis for PTSD, Arthritis in both of my knees and ankles, social …


  1. We have the worst air in the world right now, I read. I’m not working atm so as a smoker, it’s hard because I have to go outside. I know they’ve been planning population control for us. As a native here, our prophets have warned to stay away from the cities and move away and blend in with the earth and become self-sufficient. I want to transition to farmer/hunter/gatherer. We view this lifestyle as more in tune with the planet and actually smarter than white man because we’ve seen advanced civilization fail before.

  2. I like masks too, depending on the energy and look of them. Africana people/artists are all over the globe. We've had historical influence on other cultures and their art. The Olmecs immediately come to mind. One of my favorite art pieces I purchased is a mask made by an artist in Ghana. What I detest in assembly line made in China so called African masks. That's cultural and economic appropriation plus exploitation. It's horrible that some people and groups are engaged in causing weather manipulation and disasters. These people work for the implementation of global instability and have many weapons at their disposal.

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