1. Have you ever tried a Vaponic (it used to be called a Vapebong before a redesign)? Its an all glass butane vape, i had one years ago (when it was still called vapbong), it got broke. It tasted so damn good though. I cant decide if should get a new one, or try a dynavap instead…

  2. Just get a male to male adapter and a female to female screen where the two joints seal inside get a bowl fill female "chamber" put bowl on top inhale hot air from a torch through hole gives hits just like elv8 but parts are less

  3. hi, Would you ,please next time, give us , another video with prices,& where can buy it. Your are excellent and talent!! oh by the way, this is the first time I answer one of you guys. You are an excellent sale agent!!!!!!!

  4. nice videos, very instructive, thanks man! Have you ever considered to make a comparison video about one-demand-draws vaporizers? I know most of butane vaporizer are but it should be very interesting to list and to compare different ones.

  5. High Pete!

    Just got a Dream Wood DLX Pro ebony & olive wood edition. Kinda like the sticky brick. Loving this 1 and very kool looking in person. They have several different types of vaporizers there

  6. High Pete!
    I just got a mistvape essence. Very kool vaporizer that is similar to a sticky brick. I broke my heater element and water attachment for elev8r. Good thing you sell that so expect my order soon lol. But the mistvape essence is this cigar wooden shaped vaporizer that’s $80 US. You can get the bare essence for $30 US but that consists of just the water option. I prefer the full setup becauseit looks really kool plus I can vape anywhere regardless if I have a water piece for filtration.

    Sticky brick jr, vapman, lotus, mistvape essence, elev8r, dynavap M/Omni are what’s in my torch vape collection. They r all fun and work amazingly well

  7. High Pete! Have you reviewed the VAPMAN yet? Great for micro dosing very efficient and nice flavour. That’s the one that peaked my interest first in the Butane vaporizers

  8. Sneaky Pete has the best videos. I still appreciate the Solo 2 video the most, its what sold me on that particular model. Sneaky Pete should do a tips and tricks for max performance on their preferred vapes.

  9. Would it not been fair to include the Lotus ?
    It just hit me
    The lotus gets little video reviews because the company doesn’t pay , even tho it’s considered the best butane vape and no inhaling “high quality butane “
    Fk that

  10. Highly recommend the Lotus! Not only is it made up north from my county, but it's my daily driver because I can white wall my rig and cache the load in 1-2 hits. I have a Volcano, Cloud evo, dynavap, and I pretty much only run my herb through the Lotus and save my wax for the Evo. My only cons with it was it took a good 2 weeks or so to learn how to get the most out of it without combustion. Also, you can't use it upside down hahaha.

  11. Dynavap and ELEV8R are amazing, I haven't had the chance to use a Sticky Brick yet though. I find myself using my butane vapes much more than I anticipated when I first bought them. Id say getting one of them is a must for anyone who vapes

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