When Should You Quit? Perseverance vs Delusion | DailyVee 503

I had a really great conversation with Josh Peck about perseverance and delusion. People always ask me, “when should I give up in business?” I always ask …


  1. I guess it's not just about the one more try itself that becomes the successful one, but the mindset of that try. If you're thinking I worked so hard but it's not gonna work but what the heck I'll do one more, you relieve yourself of the pressure of having to do it and therefore you succeed. Because you can now be you!
    Getting to that mental state earlier prolly does the trick, but many need the work to get to that specific state I guess, state of just enjoying the process, no matter the result:)

  2. GARYVEE is the man!!! He has inspired me to many things like 1. Make my own channel, 2. Grind and take his advice. His talks really work this is an inspiring man right here so if you aren't already subscribe to him. He's inspired me to make my own content and if you want to check it out and support me then it would be highly appreciated.

  3. Hi +GaryVee , two year closet fan. 3rd?? Comment on Youtube ever. I finally found my "in" to THANK YOU. I'd like to send you and your current trainer one of my fascia rollers for your back. I imagine all the sitting/traveling takes its toll. If anybody from the team can DM or email me I'd love to send one out as a thank you for all your content which has probed some good internal dialog and debate. [email protected]roller.fitness @rollintofitness http://www.roller.fitness

    PS – My socials need some serious work I know, I can't say I take your advice here. I listen to the "be true to yourself" type advise

    Thanks again Russian Rumbler ! (you got pretty gitty with that one)


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