1. I am an engineer in the US and have worked with many Pakistani engineers on my teams. Cool people, never had an issue. In any case, some of them did betel nut at work The y consider like caffeine, a pick me up. So I tried some they gave me, I had the red teeth and all after I chewed it. Felt like I drank four cups off coffee. No other effects to speak of that I noticed.

  2. The name that the Taiwanese people called them back in 1992 was Danger Fruit

    I live in California and I went to Taiwan for 3 weeks on business with my Taiwanese friend in 1992 and we stayed at his cousins house in Taipa. In the course of 3 weeks we went all over the island. It wasn't long before they introduced me to these beetle nuts. I tried one and it tasted really bad and I needed a beer to wash the taste from my mouth.

    But the leaf wrapped beetle nuts did not exist at that time anywhere in Taiwan. Instead they were all the ones at 5:13 in the video and they were slit open and a red spicy paste was spread in and they came in a box just like in your video. They were considered low class and mostly truck drivers and taxi drivers ate them to stay wired and awake.

    The name that the Taiwan people called them was Danger Fruit because one in ever 10,000 beetle nuts was a freak and had such a high concentration of drug that it could cause your heart to triple in speed and some people had heart attacks from these freak beetle nuts.

    As the first week proceed it seemed that at every business meeting the boss would offer me one by pushing forward this small box they came in. So finally I stated to take there offers and I started enjoying the buzz and was slowly acquiring a taste for the flavor. By the end of the trip I was buying my own boxes. I remember we were leaving Kaohsiung to drive back to Taipa and I was out of them so I spotted this woman selling them on the corner and as I leap from the car and she saw me running up to her started laughing at me as she saw the red stains at the corners of my mouth. I had acquired such a liking for them that I smuggled two boxes with me back the US.

    I must say that I complexly fell in love with Taiwan. The culture, food and the people frendlyness and serious work ethic. They have their shit together. I remember the late nights we would go out on the streets for food and soups. Found these small black steamed clams and could not get enough of them, and the soups the best I have ever had in my life. Learned to make this beef noodle soup and my family and friends always ask me to make more.

  3. You speak Chinese?? Wow! I tried to learn as my best friend is Chinese. She said the best way to learn is to end up with a Chinese partner and live in China…I live in New Zealand with a Indian..oh well.

  4. Man, I work in microelectronics and there's lots of asian people there. This dude was chewing betel nut with tobacco out in the smoking area, and I found the pouch full of dead beatles attracted to the smell of the nuts.

  5. They gave betel but in mainland too, but it's completely different. It's basically "Chinese gum" for people trying to party from what I understand lol. It definitely doesnt have any drug like effects

  6. lol try it one never try it again , no wonder in Viet nam now day only old woman and man eat those crap lol , I think it the same thing in Taiwan only old people eat that crap lol + it also amazing that the way Taiwanese eat is the same way Vietnamese eat those thing , plus I think only Taiwan and Vietnamese eat those crap nuts lol

  7. This scene around the 5:30 to 5:40 mark reminds me of this one time several years ago when I was on a road trip (I wasn't the one driving) and I was tripping balls on acid at this rest stop and communing with nature and seeing the world around me converge into kaleidoscopic shapes; meanwhile, there's this school bus full of kids and teachers nearby being all innocent while I'm just absolutely blasted out of my mind. It still makes me laugh a little bit to this day to think about that juxtaposition.

  8. Y’all are ridiculous lol betel nut is no big deal (in terms of drug effects). It’s a lot like caffeine. Little more euphoria. I like em. The fresh ones in the bags in Taiwan were a lot better than the others. I’d chew at least 2 of them until they basically disintegrated in my mouth, way longer than 30 seconds not sure what’s optimal

    Edit: watched more of it u guys are like 14 year olds right now it’s funny and endearing but still dumb lol betel nut is less dangerous to drive on than tobacco probly lol. Someone with no nicotine tolerance will get a huge dizzying headrush and potential nausea. Betel nut isn’t even close to that intense. Even as a regular cigarette smoker for years if I don’t smoke for 12+ hours I’ll get more intoxication from a cig than betel nut 😂😂😂😂

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