Testing Methylone (aka imposter MDMA) Live With Avi | Vital Educational Content (New Version)

In this documentary we take you through Mike’s first experience on Methylone – or what some people call “Bath Salts” (more accurately it’s a Synthetic …


  1. A lot of work went into this one – Patron ONLY behind the scenes content coming soon: https://goo.gl/EufkcZ – and if you enjoy this content, then support us on Patreon. To be totally honest, we haven’t been getting the same level of support lately. Which I take full responsibility for. I need to make better content. Family issues have escalated to new levels and everything is insanely stressful for me right now – BUT I have Mike who moved to this country just to work on Psyched Substance with me. I can’t afford to make anymore mistakes. I’ve already had to cut his pay in half, so the pressure is on! I really hope it doesn’t come down to him needing to fly back home. We’ll see what happens over the coming months. Wish me luck!

  2. I used to know this guy who looks like Abby aka " Mike" it's kinda weird that he resembles a guy I used to know who was really into ice and legal forms of ice. I took his gf and she was a good gf to me for a while until some other dude took her. Eyyyyyy

  3. The Comedown is classic example of what happens when you don't deal with your own inner problems don't get me wrong hormones play a big role in it but when your ability to control yourself is taken away and then you're left with the you that you haven't dealt with you have these kind of side effects

  4. My son overdosed on this shit and died! He was 23. I would not recommend anyone try this, because it only takes 200 ml to cause coma, nervous system failure and death.

  5. I think Adam didn't do it on purpose ( i mean , it's obvious that this guy was feeling down after some talking about 'masks' etc.) but he's educational and philosophical moves managed to make Mike's mood down , so it's not fully Adam's "fault" , i know it's hard to guess what makes people down in certain ways, for example it's maybe just telling some intertextual joke or playing music u like but turns out that he doesn't.. tripsitting may be hard as hell

  6. i was actually thinking that what he was describing about the comedown experience was really similar to what i felt coming off phenibut. i definitely think that’s why it was so awful for him. phenibut withdrawal is no joke dude

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